ALMaSS  1.0
The Animal, Landscape and Man Simulation System
farminfo Struct Reference

Used during saving farm/hunter information. More...

#include <farm.h>

Public Attributes

int m_farmref
int m_farmtype
int m_farmsize
int m_farmarable
int m_nofields
int m_openfields
int m_areaopenfields
APoint m_farmcentroid
APoint m_farmvalid
int m_NoHunters

Detailed Description

Used during saving farm/hunter information.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_areaopenfields

int farminfo::m_areaopenfields

◆ m_farmarable

int farminfo::m_farmarable

◆ m_farmcentroid

APoint farminfo::m_farmcentroid

◆ m_farmref

int farminfo::m_farmref

◆ m_farmsize

int farminfo::m_farmsize

◆ m_farmtype

int farminfo::m_farmtype

◆ m_farmvalid

APoint farminfo::m_farmvalid

◆ m_nofields

int farminfo::m_nofields

◆ m_NoHunters

int farminfo::m_NoHunters

◆ m_openfields

int farminfo::m_openfields

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